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Symptoms of Rising Damp include breakdown of plaster on the inside walls. However, such symptoms may also be caused by water ingress, for instance if rainwater has been able to penetrate as a result of faulty flashing around a chimney brest. So alternative causes should be ruled out before it is concluded that rising damp is the culprit. Where there is any doubt, we may take samples of the plaster or wallpaper to determine the presence of certain salts that tend to be indicative of the presence of rising damp.

So, Rising damp can occur under the following circumstances:

  1. Where there is no damp proof course.
  2. Where the existing damp proof course is ineffective (either because the materials from which it is made have deteriorated, or because the external soil or path levels are too high, causing 'bridging' to take place). In this case, your local builder should be contacted (under separate contract) to rectify any problems, e.g. to lower the existing soil/path levels to below the level of the damp proof course. This will prevent moisture ingress occurring in the future.

The installation of the damp proof course will prevent the re-occurrence of rising damp. However, the hygroscopic (water attractive) salts that were transmitted by the rising damp from the soil to the brickwork will still be present and will thus still attract moisture, especially during periods of high humidity. Our specialist plasterers undertake the replastering works in accordance with the instructions in our Replastering Specifications in order to prevent this. If you wish your own builders to undertake the replastering works, then we will furnish you with a copy of these Replastering Specifications, (use the text link to view these) the contents of which must be strictly adhered to in order for our guarantee to be valid.

Where lateral penetration of dampness, e.g. ground water, is occurring (normally relates to underground rooms such as cellars) a technique called 'structural waterproofing' is required. We can arrange this for you under separate contract if you so require.

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