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Terms & Conditions

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the client to:

    1. Clear floor coverings and effects and any furniture before we commence work. Any cost to the company involved in removing floor coverings, effects and furniture will be charged extra according to the time taken.

    2. Our office should be notified as to how to gain access to the premises before we commence work, preferably in a confirmation letter of acceptance to carry out the work.

    3. A 240-volt electrical supply should be available on the premises before we commence work. If this is not possible, the office should be informed before we commence work.

  2. Rooms where remedial treatment works have been carried out should not be occupied for 8 hours after treatment (unless otherwise specified), with particular reference to bronchial or asthmatic sufferers. Occupiers of the adjoining properties should be notified.

  3. Where whole ground and first floor areas are treated, the property should not be occupied for 8 hours, unless otherwise stated.

  4. Where party walls are involved, you are advised that you should obtain the consent of the adjoining owner and unless we hear to the contrary prior to the commencement of work, we will assume that this has been done. If consent has been refused, the treatment and the subsequent guarantee may be of a limited nature.

  5. Damage to interior decoration and paint: whilst the company shall use its best endeavors to avoid any such damage, there is always a risk of discoloration of ceilings, arising through the treatment of ceiling joists. This is a rare occurrence but re-decoration should not be attempted until the preservative has dried thoroughly.

  6. On completion of the work and payment of our account, the company shall issue a guarantee against re-infestation by the insects or fungi or the recurrence of rising damp, as detailed in the areas treated in the company's report.

  7. Payment is due net on completion of the work, or, if the work is done in stages, on completion of any stage of the work.

  8. Any damage caused by the negligence of our staff, or by accidental damage should be reported to the company in writing within seven days of the mishap. Otherwise, we regret that no claim, of any nature, can be entertained.

  9. Where we are to undertake treatment for wood-boring insects; the client must ensure that the building and areas to be treated is maintained in a waterproof and weatherproof condition prior to, during and after treatment by our operatives. Roof coverings should not be removed until such time as treated timbers are touch dry. Treated timbers and masonry should not be exposed to weather penetration, which will negate the effectiveness of any treatment. Failure to observe these points will invalidate our Guarantee.
(The foregoing Terms and Conditions are subject to alterations or amendment, without prior notification).

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